Kids Growth Ruler Wall Decal

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Every milestone your child reaches is a reason to celebrate. As your child grows, symbolize it with more than a pencil marking on the doorframe. Wall decals are the perfect decorations for a kidโ€™s room.ย Hold on to the tiny moments and cherish the little snuggles!

This growth chart by ChoiceMore adds an adorable and playful look for your home decoration. It is made of colorful, durable plastic (1-piece). The measurement is accurate. You can easily install this wall decor by applying the attached adhesive tape.ย 

Details That Matter:
  • Colorful, playful tree print
  • Clear and accurate measurementย ย 
  • Measures 20-120 cm, or 7'' - 3'11'', as printed
  • Material: durable PVC plasticย 
  • Adhesive tape for easy applicationย