Happy Easter 2021!

Easter Bunny Hoody Bathrobe

Easter Weekend is here! Happy Easter weekend everyone! One quarter into 2021, we hope you all have had a much better start than last year... At ChoiceMore, things have also been trending upwards, so we’d like to celebrate Easter 2021 with all of you! 

Hopefully, with much of the pandemic now behind us (fingers crossed!), love and joy are abundant in the Easter season. Looking back, I'm sure most of us have been spending a lot of time at home.

Have you been able to resume traveling yet (at least domestically... we are also in dire needs for some of that international travel fixes...)? If you are indeed planning for your first road trip of this year, check out our Leather Jewelry Multi Case that will be your best traveling companion for storing your bling-bling's. More travel essentials will drop soon, stay tuned! 


Have you been able to spend quality time with your little ones? With the Easter vibe in the air, your little ones are a great reminder of why we are blessed, wouldn't you agree? If you are looking for something special for your little ones, please feel free to browse our Little-ChoiceMore section of the store, and especially, this new bathrobe that will for sure be best suited as a great gift for your little ones. Plus: no post-bath hassles anymore!

Lastly, a friendly reminder: Mother's and Father's days are coming soon (May 9 and June 20, to be precise)! Have you thought about any gifting ideas for your folks yet? Check out our best-selling loungewear that will put a grin on your folks' faces :) Stay tuned for more pre-order events that will drop soon for Mother's day (and Father's day, of course).

Happy Easter 2021, everyone!